Tapping into the potential to succeed is what makes one a winner. Educafé creates ways to tap into the potential of a student through assessing and helping discover the self in students.

Facilitating right career choices, assisting in the journey towards career exploration and career fulfillment, enhancing cognitive, academic and life skills through experiential learning, providing exposure-to-the-real-world are some of the ways educafé prepares students for life - a successful life.

Educafé, with its dedicated team of psychologists, counselors & facilitators has assisted in creating over 50,000 success stories globally.

  • Proprietary Behavioral Assessments
  • International repute with successful deployments in India, Dubai, Egypt and Europe.
  • Among the largest Career Counseling Organizations in India
  • Collective Industry expertise & experience of over 150 years across Technology, Psychometrics, Assessments, Consulting & Training.