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  • Very Helpful for choosing career

  • All my queries related to careers were addressed to the point , making a lot of sense and providing great clarity. My thanks to the facilitators who were very courteous and polite while handling the sessions.

    Sandy Samson
  • It was a good session, My path is clear. I have found a way out. Thanks for helping by guiding me to the right path.

    Rakshitha S
  • educafé is awesome. I started on educafé a couple of years back and it's been just great to know about myself. I went from not even knowing that I don't know a lot about myself, difficulties in learning and so on, to becoming an achiever. You know whom I have been impressing with that? Myself!

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  • When someone says they can’t learn how to accelerate his/her career decision making, I tell them about educafé. Works amazingly well - to know, plan, learn for a great career and life.

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    Prajwalaa Prasad
  • Wondering how I never heard of educafé earlier! There's an entirely new world of discovering the self and working to achieve our full potential. I was thoroughly confused about the stream to choose. Team educafé helped me make that decision. I am doing well in commerce and enjoying it too.

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    Jerish Xavier
  • My daughter was ever enthusiastic about media and creative arts. But coming from a family of science stalwarts ,this seemed something new. educafé's career assessment program helped us and her identify her strengths and fitment to the creative field. This gave us confidence to support her aspirations. Today she is doing extremely well and has also got international recognition for her talent. That's indeed life transforming. Thank you educafé!

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    Aarti Venkatesh
  • Like most people, I wanted to be successful in my life. Studies seemed boring and I wasn't sure if I was going to be ever successful without good grades in science, math and all those subjects. educafé showed me the world and now I am well on my way to becoming a sports management professional. I never knew there are things to do beyond the obvious.

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  • I was an average performer in my studies. But I wanted to always excel. I just didn't know where to get started. My parents or my teachers just weren't able to help me. And then my buddy at school told me about educafé. I am so very thankful to her and to educafé. With educafé's Study Skills Program, I am now more confident. I was able to not only recognize my strengths but also able to build on them. It just seems magical.

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  • Throughout my school I have been a topper in academics and extra-curricular as well. I thought I am all set for a great career as an engineer. It's at this point that I came across educafé. With educafé's assessment I realized that being good in science doesn't mean I have to be a software engineer, which most choose to be. Based on the assessment I chose research in science and today not only do I have an awesome career but also delighted with my career choice.

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