What does Educafé Student Solutions do?
Educafé is an organization that offers career guidance and related solutions especially to students in 9th to 12th grades.
What is the process of availing your product for career assessment?
You can buy the Pathfinder Assessment online. Once you have made the payment, both the assessment and the report [once you have completed the assessment], will be available on your dashboard. If you have bought the Basic plan, once you complete the assessment, you can schedule an appointment for report interpretation and counselling, through a skype call, or through a telephonic conversation.
Are the counsellors trained/equipped to identify learning disabilities? Do you also address such issues?
Our counsellors have done their post-graduation in Psychology and can detect special needs/disabilities. If there is such a need, they will refer the child for further assessment with appropriate agencies.
How does Educafé commit to maintaining confidentiality of the counselling session?
Our staff are all trained psychologists. The entire counselling process is done by a counselling psychologist. The session and discussion involves only the individual client and family members, and all reports are confidential.
Does one need an appointment to avail the counselling services?
Yes. If you have bought our PathFinder Basic, Basic and Advanced Plans, you need to schedule an appointment on the website to ensure that our counsellors are available to guide you further.
Do you help with different aspects of seeking a job such as resume writing, job opportunities and personality building?
We provide tips on important aspects for seeking a job, such as personality building. However, we don’t completely assist in resume writing and informing clients on job opportunities.